Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosure is ideally designed for excellent performance in indoor or outdoor installation, air cooled, radiator and heat exchanger engines, DG sets, Power Presses, Air-compressors, Blowers and various other industrial applications.

Spray Water Booth

Wee Seng Engineering Works Spray Water Booth handles a larger variety of paints in a wider range of viscosities and drying speeds, at higher production rates than any of the conventional spray booths.

Exhaust / Customised Hood

Products are used in facilities such as industrial, manufacturing, chemical processing, metal finishing, plating and pickling, process tank venting, waste water treatment, moisture, fumes, vapors, grease, oils, chips, particles, paint or engine exhaust.

About Us

WEE SENG ENGINEERING WORKS established in 1981 is a PROBLEM SOLVER and SOLUTION PROVIDER, responding to our clients’ Industrial needs. Our Company will conduct thorough studies and work to implement effective solutions to improve products quality in any working environment.

We offers custom made fabrication, turnkey projects supply fabrication, design, calculation on HVAC system.

We will not compromise on superior performance. We will study and identify client needs to ensure installations are built to quality control standards and are dependable and durable.

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Specialist in Fabrication of Air-Cond, Ventilation Ductwork
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